Open Source Best Practice book

Best practices for commercial use of open source software:
Business models, processes and tools for managing open source

This book is your reference for open source best practices in creating open source based business models, in handling open source in the development cycle and in mergers and acquisitions. The book is available. Get it on AMAZON.

Content of the Open source best practices book

It covers open source business models, best practices in open source due diligence, open source governance and active management of open source libraries in your code.

First, the focus is on business model impact of open source products and open source licenses. Dr. Karl Michael Popp gives an overview of the different types of business models for open source companies and how such companies provide products and services around open source. So it gives best practices for due diligence and creation of open source business models.

In the following chapter Dr. Josef Waltl shows how open source licenses and intellectual property strategies can create a unique business model based on a combination of open source and proprietary software.

Then, the focus is on detection and license compliance aspects of open source software in mergers and acquisitions. The acquisition of a software vendor requires the review of intellectual property rights including open source license compliance as described by Dr. Karl Michael Popp. He outlines the different topics and steps carried out during due diligence.

Then, two chapters cover the offerings of tool vendors for governance of open source software but also for development enablement. First, Bill Weinberg and Greg Olsen show the broad offering of solutions of Black Duck Software, a provider for open source governance and enablement tools.

Then, VersionEye focuses on development aspects of using open source software as part of commercial products. They cover assistance for developers in selecting and in continuously updating open source components during the software development lifecycle.

Who should read the open source best practices book?

This book will be a perfect fit for developers, CEOs, product managers. Executives will love the book section about open source business models.

When is the book available?

This best practices book is available and can be ordered in bookstores and online bookshops:




The book is also available on AppleĀ“s iBooks.

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Further details of the book

Title: Open Source best practices

Editor: Karl Michael Popp

ISBN: 3738619096

Publisher: Books on demand

Date published:


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Open Source best practices

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Want to use open source in commercial products? This book is your vademecum!