Open Source Best Practices WORKSHOP

Finally: the workshop presenting all the experts that have contributed to the book "Best practices for commercial use of open source" is here.

Who should attend?

This workshop is made for software business professionals: Software CEOs, CTOs, product managers, strategists and development operations managers.

Who will present?

Find the best of the best, from attorneys, IP strategists, M&A experts, Open Source consultants and tool vendors in an exciting half day workshop.


  • An attorney┬┤s view on what it means to use open source software
  • Intellectual property strategies based on open source
  • Handling open source in M&A
  • Tool vendor Black Duck Software
  • Tool vendor VersionEye

Date and Location

Date and location tbd, please sign up below to get  informed about workshop updates.

The workshop will be in German language.

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Open Source best practices

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Want to use open source in commercial products? This book is your vademecum!