Open Source Best Practices

Today, all software vendors make use of open source.

  • They strive for excellence in leveraging using open source software in commercial software products while ensuring licensing compliance and governance.

  • They strive for excellence in using open source based business models for commercial success.

  • They strive for excellence in leveraging development models that are used in open source communities in adapting these for in-house use at commercial software vendors.

  • They analyze usage of open source software during due diligence in acquiring software companies.

To reach excellence you have to be equipped with knowledge about best practices for open source.

This site is meant to provide you with the latest knowledge about open source related knowledge, like open source licensing in commercial software, to reach excellence in open source matters.

You find information on this website about

Open Source Workshop

Open Source Licensing

Open Source in mergers and acquisitions due diligence

Open Source Business models

Open Source Governance

License compliance tools

Developer tools

For more details, please consider the following book:

Title: Open Source best practices

Editor: Karl Michael Popp

ISBN: 3738619096

Publisher: Books on demand

Date published: