Open source management tools

Why open source management?

Let us have a look how open source components are managed in development operations of a typical software vendor. Open source components, like other software components, are integrated into a software product. While proprietary components are maintained by a developer, open source components are often maintained by the open source community.

Open source is used but not managed and updated

If developers are using open source components, these are integrated into source code and binary repositories. Updates of these open source components are now within the responsibility of a developer.
Keeping the open source component up-to-date means following or being part of the activities of the open source community around that specific component.

Missing management carries risk in widespread open source usage

On average, software products usually contain between a few and a few hundred open source components. The complexity gets even worse when we consider the fact that open source components themselves often contain numerous other open source components.
While it is easy for a developer to follow the community for one component, it is hard to follow the communities of dozens of open source components and getting notice of updated and improved open source components. So usage of numerous open source components leads to high effort maintenance work for developers which lowers productivity.

Why is open source software changing so rapidly?

Open source components are often updated by many members of the corresponding open source community. Bugs are fixed, features are added or security vulnerabilities are being removed.

Support for developers urgently needed

Developers need tools to support them in open source management. Developers need answers to questions like

Which open source components are part of the software?

How active is the corresponding open source community?

How secure is the open source component?

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